Friday, October 23, 2009


So today I had my first training session with Tony at 24 Hour Fitness. It wasn't really what i expected. First let me just clarify I hate working out, absolutely hate it. It has been so hard to get me motivated to get my ass in gear and move. Once I do, I feel great but its just getting over that initial hump, and moving.
So today at my training session, I met Tony, he seems nice enough, he's studying to be a chiropractor, which is good, since I have been seeing a chiropractor for my coccyx and sacral pain, and his focus is to get a good workout with out pain, which totally works for me. He had me do some core strenghtening activities for about 35 minutes and then we talked about diet for the rest of the session. I feel like I have a pretty good handle on the diet thing. I know what I should be eating, and I know what I eat, and somethings they are the same thing, and well sometimes they are different and I don't eat as healthy as I should, which isn't really a big surprise, I mean how else did I get to be over 270 lbs. He wants me to change some things in my diet which I'm not sure I am comfortable with, specifically not eating yogurt. I struggle with eating breakfast in the morning, if I eat to early it makes me sick, but I know I need to eat something, especially on the days I work, so I usually just have yogurt, cereal or fruit once I get to work before I start my day. I'm not sure If I can eat at home before work. Its just a struggle. I am trying to workout before work, and getting up early enough to have my stomach settle to eat breakfast and then workout well jeez, I would have to get up at like 3am which would totally not work for me. So where do I go from here? I will listen to what he has to say and maybe use some but not all of the information. The other thing is that he wants me to start eating more calories a day. I'm striving for 1700-1800 a day, and finding it hard to eat enough to obtain that goal. Emotionally I have been having a lot of things going on in my life and my appetite has suffered, so to try and eat more when I'm already struggling with the eating is difficult, and besides I want to lose weight so I need to eat less... I feel like my plan has been working so far. I mean I have lost nearly 30 lbs since starting in July which is awesome and I must be doing something right. My next appointment is scheduled for Tuesday, and I'm debating on whether to change/reschedule for a later date in the week. I guess I just don't have the motivation I need today. Luckily I start counseling sessions today, and I really want to work with her on why I have all this extra weight, and why I started putting it on in elementary school. I think getting to the root of the problem will help me in the future, to lose this extra weight that i have been carrying around for 20 years.

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